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The Many Adventures of Preschool
September 5, 2012

Today we celebrated our first day of school at home!

We tried to keep it low key with the same routine we’ll be doing everyday (well, M-W-F) so that there isn’t any let down when everyday at school isn’t as fun and exciting as when we started.  We began by reviewing our rule: Be respectful & Use Only Positive Language (we never say “I can’t.”), instead we say “I can do it!” I had him repeat that several times, near yelling, but using our school inside voice. We also worked on basic school manners, since that seems to be the hardest transition for preschoolers (feet on the floor, bottom in your chair, hands on your desk, no walking around).

At the beginning of the year, we are primarily focusing on letters and sounds, our Bible verse, sight words, fine motor, calendar stuff and recognizing vowels.  To help with recognizing vowels, we had a fun game where I handed him a box full of foam bath letters and he had to dig through and find all the vowels.  I made sure there were multiples of every vowel so he got extra practice, but at the end I realized that we had NO i in the entire box.  All well, who needs I anyway?

We also did a lot of singing, the ABC song, This is the Day, plus I found a great song “A to Z with Noah” where Keith had a blast pointing at all the letters as they were sung in the song. 

We had recess time in the summer rain shower (and I got to water my garden, take out our trash and chat with a friend on the phone!)  Who knew school could be so fun?!

For the month of September, just like every other school across America, our theme is Apples.  On Sunday, I bought about 40 apples at the OC Marketplace closing time clearance “fill a watermelon size box for $5”.  I dumped out all the apples on the floor to see what he would devise to do with them (note to self: Next time, Vacuum the floor first! Hairy apples do not bode well with toddlers!)  The first thing he did was separate out all the peaches (which I had tried to pass off as red apples, since I didn’t have any) but it became a great lesson in differentiating.  Then he decided to put all the apples into groups.  Lesson on sorting: check!

We had an extraordinary first day of school and an extraordinary nap afterwards.  Mommy’s favorite part!