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Garden Abundance
July 20, 2012

Had another banner year in our garden this year.  Our two peach trees that we planted last year were covered in fresh, white peaches and the Black Krim tomatoes I gambled on turned out to be my new absolute favorite!  With a slightly purple tinge, they are sweeter and far more tasty than any tomato I’ve ever had.  They made us the best hot tomato and melted cheese sandwhiches.  The chickens have outdone themselves this year, averaging about 20-25 eggs a week.  We also enjoyed Keith’s gianormous sunflower in our garden, until the squirrel came down (the day after I took this pic) and chewed them entire head off the sunflower, dragged it across the garden and then took it back to it’s nest.  Stupid squirrel.  We also had a beautiful cantelope growing on the vine, until the chickens found it and ate it all up.  I was so looking forward to my first taste of a real, fresh cantalope.  All, well. maybe next year.  Ahh, I love gardening!


4th of July
July 4, 2012

The Neighborhood 4th of July Parade