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Cars Land Preview Night!
June 12, 2012

Once again, I did it!  I got us into some place we were not suppose to be – and for free!!

Disney’s California Adventure is opening their new Cars Land next week and in anticipation had a “soft” opening for annual pass holders – but you had to enter into a drawing and get your name drawn to get into the preview nights.  And I did neither.  Didn’t even know about the drawing or the preview nights.  We just happened to be at Ca Adventure and saw that Cars Land was going in full swing, but there was this annoying hedge/fence around it so you couldn’t see inside.  Curiosity overwhelmed me and I started asking what was going on.  Put all the pieces together and noticed the bright green wristbands people were wearing, we stood outside one of the exits and found a mom and son leaving.  I asked them for their wristbands (which we slipped off her wrist) and next thing I know – we’re inside Cars Land!!!  (before it’s opened to the public)  We were overcome with excitement and thrilled!  Such a fun experience and story to tell to our great great grandkids!