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Happy Birthday to Me!
March 18, 2012

Who’s husband goes to a comic convention on their wife’s birthday?  Mine Does!

There’s just something wrong about that . . .


Crash & Burn
March 6, 2012

ahhh, technology . . . here to make our lives easier, right?   Well I’ve never been one to be a huge techy geek.  But my husband is pretty good when it comes to computers, so when our laptop was having problems, he devised a plan to download all of our info from our computer onto an external hard drive so he could “wipe the laptop clean” and then reload everything.  Great plan huh?  Well it all worked fine until we tried to reload everything back onto the laptop only to discover that the hard drive was corrupt.  Nice huh?  Every file, every project, every document, plus A full year of pictures gone . . . All Gone.  I’m still holding out hope that someone, somewhere would be able to retrieve it, but that only gets a scowling look from my husband that tells me that all of these things are really gone.  But, how do you let go of a full year of pictures that included all my maternity pictures and the first 8 months of our sons life?