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My New Invention for Allergies!
October 28, 2011

Keith, almost 3 in one more month, and I both have fairly severe allergies, aggravated more by our dry October weather.  Keith’s nose has been dripping like a leaky faucet and I can never find a tissue nearby when I need one – – Until Today!!  Behold – my invention:  THE PORTABLE TISSUE ATTACHMENT!   (I’m working on the patent now).  Ok, Yes, in our house tissue looks very much like toilet paper because, well, it is toilet paper.  

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 I took Keith’s adjustable belt, looped it through two of my belt loops and attached the toilet paper for all our nose blowing necessities.   I also found it to be extremely flattering and slimming (or so I tell myself).  And in case you’re wondering, yes – it does work as nicely as it looks!

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High School Homecoming
October 22, 2011

This weekend we had the privilege of visiting my parents and going to Maranatha’s Homecoming game with grandpa & Kylie (o:   

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 It was Keith’s first football game and he was really excited about the “dancing people” (cheerleaders) and all the boys that run after the ball and go “KaBoom!”   We had front row, 50 yard line seats right next to the drum line, so Keith spent most of the game like this: View IMG_20111...jpg in slide show

Pretend City!
October 18, 2011

Ahhh, Pretend City – just the name is music to my ears!  Pretend City is a HUGE warehouse converted into a pretend city (hence the name) complete with a supermarket, a farm, library, bank, fire station, police station, art studio, stage, beach, cafe & so much more!  There is nothing off limits for little hands to explore & touch.  We spent the morning there with our friends Brooke, Piper & Tatum and ended up staying for almost 5 hours – and still didn’t do everything!  We’re trying to talk Harold into getting season passes.  Keith and Luke had sooooooo much fun!

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When we got home, Luke was quite worn out with watching his big brother play so he snuggled up with Hannah Bear for a long afternoon nap. 

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