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Say Cheese!
July 30, 2010

Thanks to Keith’s amazing arm (that kids gonna be a fabulous pitcher someday!) our camera has finally seen it’s last day.  We just purchased a new Canon blah blah blah camera.  Here were some of our fun shots:


Keith’s New Words
July 28, 2010

Keith learned a new word today – Penis.  Yep, penis. 

At first I couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me so I kept asking him to repeat it. “Pemiiis! Peimissss”  Still not grasping his new word, I asked him is he had a sign for it (sign language).  That didn’t get us anywhere.   Still trying to make logic out of the jumbled sounds, I set him down and asked him if he could show me.   Yep, he showed me. 

Then tonight at church, during a quiet solemn moment – you know, the ones where everyone is quietly reflecting and praying – well, not Keith. Oh no, not him.  He took that opportunity to show off his new word.

Motherhood Failure
July 24, 2010

It’s official – I’ve failed as a mother.  Last week we took Keith to see the animals at the OC Fair

When we got to the pen with all the mama pigs and the babies, Keith excitedly leaned over and in his loudest voice in front of the entire crowd gathered around shouted “HI COW!”  Yep, I’ve failed. . .

Nursing and Toddlers
July 20, 2010

Ok, let’s just get it out of the way – Yes, I am still nursing.  We don’t flaunt the fact, and except for an occassional busy day at Disneyland while we are in line for Buzz Lightyear and have no other way to contain a squiggly, over tired toddler, tend to keep nursing fairly private.

I don’t often get direct questions about it, but I feel the occassional stare and unspoken scorn when people hear that I am still nursing our 18 month old.   Yes, scorn.  Why is that?  The World Health Organization recommends every baby (that’s every baby, not just the bush people in Africa) be nursed for two years.  TWO years.  Minimum.    But in our Americanized, Western society there is only a small segment of the population that will nurse their babies for a full year and even fewer will nurse for two years. 

Oh, the joys they are missing!  For those who have never nursed a toddler, let me share with you some of the recent joys I’ve had the privilege of discovering while nursing a toddler:

  • Sleeping another 20 minutes every morning while he cuddles with me in bed and nurses – silently.
  • Wrestling with him at bedtime to settle down and nurse when he only wants to run around and throw rubber duckies at the cat (who now has a serious adversion to anything that resembles a rubber ducky)
  • The feeling of relief that when he is sick and won’t eat or drink anything that he’ll drink mommy’s milk – which is really the best thing for him anyway, right?
  • Being in a crowded grocery store on a holiday weekend trying to check out with a screaming baby who insists on trying to pull my boob out of my shirt in front of everyone.  (I then went home and packed up all my V-neck, cleavage revealing shirts)
  • Flashing the entire church small group as he pulls my loose fitting shirt down to my belly buttom while proclaiming at the top of his lungs “MILK!”
  • The adorable little expectant face that toddles over to me and tries to warm me up saying “hi mama” then hands me his precious rubber ducky and finally, slying but hopefully, asks “more milk?”

Why is the Sugar Bowl Still Empty?
July 16, 2010

Why or why is the sugar bowl empty?  It has actually been empty for 4 months (it will be 5 months on Thurs, but hey, who’s counting?) which really begs the question – Why is the sugar bowl STILL empty?  Why is it that no one in the house sees that the sugar bowl is without sugar?  Why is it that we prefer to lug out the large Tupperware canister of sugar stored in that impossibly high cupboard over the stove, risking the threat of  an oversized avalanche from all the miscellaneous stored items in that cupboard, rather than just fill up the sugar bowl?  Why is it that we will move the empty sugar bowl around the cupboard and yes, I even ran the sugar bowl through the dishwasher and replaced it empty in the cupboard but yet not fill it with the contents it so desires? 

Perhaps the answer lies in the question: why does the corner of our cupboard still contain a large mound of sugar from 4 months ago (almost 5 months) when the sugar bowl spilled during a desperate attempt to locate the cinnamon?  

I guess some questions will never be answered. . .

Blogging = $$$$
July 14, 2010

Ok, so I’m inspired!  I just found a friend’s wife’s blog and FINALLY understand a blog!  I never understood how to organize, categorize, link or make sense of my blog until I saw her blog.  But that’s not even the big news.  The big news that I found out is that she gets paid to blog – Yes, she makes MONEY by blogging!  (As in income, mad money, new clothes)  Apparently, when you have a popular blog, people can subscribe to it and once a lot of people start going to your blog, advertisers will pay you to put their ads on your website.  Perhaps this is not a new concept to some of you, but like I said, I’m just figuring this stuff out.   I’m not saying this because I’m trying to amass traffic to my blog since I’m just blogging about the little mundane parts of our family and am using our blog to share our pictures with our family (so I don’t have to email a million people every month with our latest pics), but because I’ve had SO many conversations with people about how to supplement their income while staying home to be a mom to their children.

So, if this is your thing – go for it!  Me, I like my ad free blog – and hey, who needs money anyway?

Deceptively Delicious Pancakes
July 11, 2010

Do you have a picky eater?  Are you looking for sneaky ways to include more vegetables in your family’s diet?  I am always looking for new ways to tweak and change things around.  I highly recommend Jessica Seinfeld’s book (Jerry Seinfeld’s wife) “Deceptively Delicious” where she remakes everything from doughnuts to spaghetti to brownies and quesadillas to include vegetables and fruits in everything! 

We have our own deceptively delicious pancake that Keith and I make almost every morning.  The great thing about these is that they freeze well and make a great, healthy quick breakfast (two to three minutes in the toaster oven).  Now, these are NOT the light, fluffy pancakes from IHOP, sometimes they turn out a little flat and sometimes I mask the flavor with extra servings of fruit preserve toppings, but we love them none the less!  Keith especially has started to ask for pancakes.  Our recipe is:

1 c whole wheat flour

1 t baking powder

1/4 t salt

1 c milk

1 egg (sometimes I add two eggs for extra protein)

2 T oil or butter

Then I always add at least 1 cup of a veggie or fruit.  Some of the best ones are:

*pureed beets + 2 T brown sugar or honey(I love fresh beets roasted or boiled, but canned ones during the off-season work too!)

*cooked and pureed spinach + 2 T brown sugar or honey;  I also add chocolate chips to this one for my husband.  The spinach taste is easily masked with chocolate! (and no one seems to question the green color when there’s chocolate involved)

*pureed squash of any variety – I especially love buttercup squash (not butternut, buttercup squash is dark green and looks like a short squatty pumpkin)

And of course there are the quick ones we use a lot: applesauce, whole fresh or frozen blueberries, strawberry, apple and banana purees. 

So, if you’re looking for a fabulous breakfast, snack or make ahead on the go breakfast, these pancakes hit the mark  (and the daily nutritional requirements)!

The Penny According to Keith
July 9, 2010

Today Keith taught me two new things about the penny that I never knew before:

1. There is a choo choo train on the back of the penny!

2. Dada is on the front of the penny!

I better start paying more attention to our currency.