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Our Favorite Past Time
April 14, 2010

What would life be without Disneyland?  Since Dland has become our favorite past time and most frequented location in Southern California, we wanted to share some of the pics from our recent journeys.  Our typical schedule includes arrive at the park, go to CA Adventure, watch Mickey’s Playhouse Live on Stage, walk over to Disneyland, ride the carousel in Fantasyland, go back to CA adventure, watch the Pixar Play Parade, chase bubbles, chase bubble, chase bubbles, go home.  It’s always a  fabulous day in Anaheim!!

Keith Chillin’ with Pluto! 


The New Toy Story Mania Ride – well worth the wait! Keith was obsessed with how many pairs of glasses he could put on at once


Keith and Daddy waiting in line for the Chew-Chew Train in Bug’s Land

All bundled up and ready to play!




Stepping Stones
April 10, 2010

My friend’s mom just died. wow. . . I can’t imagine losing a parent. But at this time of having just celebrated Easter, I’m reminded that losing a loved one doesn’t have to be the end.  For those who have accepted Jesus Christ, it is just the beginning.

Our acceptance of Jesus’ death and forgiveness of our sins is our guarantee of eternal life after our life here on earth. AMAZING!! Eternal life, life never ending – death isn’t the end – it’s the beginning of a perfect life, a life our human brains can not even begin to comprehend.

So, while we grieve with our friend, I rejoice that there is hope and recognize that death is mearly a stepping stone to life.

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may KNOW that you have eternal life.” 1 John 5:13