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Keith & Pluto
January 21, 2010

We went to Disneyland to celebrate our anniversary yesterday. We were getting Keith some ears when a cast member saw him and came into the store to say “hi”. Keith was intrigued and took the cast member by the hand and walked her outside (with mommy not 2 steps behind of course). He thought she was pretty funny! She was wearing a button that said “ask me about characters” …so we did. She told us that she knew Pluto would be coming out in a few minutes. We walked outside and about a minute later Pluto came out the door and hid behind a bush where Keith could see him, and proceeded to play hide and seek. Keith wasn’t so sure what to think about this giant dog-dog. He slowly warmed up to Pluto and we were able to get a few pictures. by the time we were finished there was quite a crowd and Pluto had to move on. the crowd followed Pluto, we picked Keith up and began to move down main street. Sarah saw Pluto and pointed so Keith would see him. Keith with the obvious look of “I know who that is” BOLTED to go give Pluto a hug.


Our Son, The Giver
January 17, 2010

Keith LOVES all his animals – especially the bunny.  During the cold of winter, the bunny takes up residency in our laundry room right off of our kitchen.  Keith recently learned that if he by-passes the dog food (with which mommy and daddy never let him play) he can go around the corner and spend time with the bunny. 

He enjoys putting his fingers through the cage to pet the bunny or poke her in the eye.  A few times he’s even figured out how to open the door to the bunny cage so he can grab more bunny fur at once or handfuls of bunny food.  But, it’s his utter delight to give the bunny gifts.   He is so generous in sharing his toys with the bunny – anything that will fit through the bars of the bunny cage are for the bunny to enjoy.  Unfortunately, one such book went unnoticed by mommy and, much to the bunny’s delight, spent the night in the bunny cage.  When we retrieved this poor doomed book, there wasn’t much left – but the bunny sure enjoyed her special treat. 

I’m so glad Keith is learning the joys of sharing . . . .