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New Shoes
November 13, 2009

Today Keith’s new shoes arrived in the mail!! 

(We had to special order them because Nordstroms does not carry baby shoes big enough to fit him.)  


We thought they were the cutest little shoes with the little blue stripe and faux laces but Keith spent the first day wearing his new shoes screaming, crying, trying to pull them off and attempting to get them into his mouth so he could chew on the rubber soles (as he’s trying to do in the picture below).  All well . . .  there’s always tomorrow!



Baby’s First Halloween
November 13, 2009

 For Keith’s first Halloween, we kicked off the day at South Coast Plaza trick-or-treating at all the stores.  At first the baby enjoyed watching all the other kids, er should I say giraffes and superheros, but pretty soon caught onto the concept and would reach into the candy bowls fishing out the little yellow boxes of Dots because those, of course, made noise when shaken.  He also went on the Carousel at the mall for the first time!  He squealed with delight when the horses started moving!

In the evening, we went to visit a few of our friends from church around town.  Everyone loved seeing Keith – I mean, Spiderman.  And of course he ended the evening with a huge helping of mommy’s milk – the food of super heros!spiderman.daddy spiderman.mommy

Going Green
November 5, 2009

In our attempt to “Go Green”, today we celebrated Keith’s first bus ride!

As we were waiting for the first bus to come, he excitedly waved at every car that passed by.  When our bus came, he was delighted to wave at the bus driver and then at all the other passengers on the bus.  I’m sure they found him equally delightful.  We arrived at our destination safe and sound, although, we did exit the bus one stop early (It was mommy’s first bus ride, too!).   Keith has this to say about our adventure: “gaaa daa daa ba ba ba ba. . . .da da!”