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Congratulations Grampa!
October 26, 2009

At the Homecoming game for Maranatha High School (my alma mater), my dad was honored for his 33 years of teaching.  Out of all the teachers and staff, he has been there longer than anyone else!

Congratulations Grampa!  We were so honored to be there to celebrate!

My mom & dad:grampas.award


The Amazing Spiderman!
October 26, 2009

On Sunday, the OC Marketplace (aka: the swapmeet at the fairgrounds) has a Halloween Trick or Treat Party.  After a fabulous time at church, a big lunch and a long afternoon nap, we took our little amazing Spiderman to his first Halloween party!  He found the giant pumpkins very facinating, but overall, his favorite things were the flags and the balloons.

Daddy, Spiderman and Farmer Mike’s Giant Pumpkins:halloween.daddy

Mommy and Spiderman in the Pumpkin Patch:halloween.mommy

Spiderman also has a super cool mask, but Keith is convinced it better serves its purpose as a chew toy.



Playing at Home with our Pumpkins:pumpkins

Just another day . . .
October 26, 2009

Well, it’s been a fairly quiet, uneventful September. The heat has forced us to retreat and lay low for a while, waiting for it to cool off so we can resume our lives. It’s been nice to not have any particular agenda, just have time to relax and enjoy quiet playdates with friends.  At his last check up, he was about 21 1/2 pounds and 29 inches tall (at 10 months).  Keith is definately crawling everywhere now and is facinated with opening and closing drawers – he’s even gotten pretty good at not smashing his fingers.  For awhile there, I was certain he wasn’t going to have any fingers left when by the time he grew up!

He can now say “dada,” “mama” and “ball” and he has 6 teeth!Keith.9mo

He love his high chair and has quite an appetite!  His favorite foods include beets, avocados, mango and strawberries.  This autumn also brought with it visits from grandma and grandpa!  When grandma was here, we got to take her to the beach and walk along the pier.  We had a lot of fun!



We also got to see Grandpa and his big truck!  Keith even got to crawl inside Grandpa’s truck and sit in his seat.  We love being able to visit with Grandpa:Keith & Grandpa