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The Fruits of Our Labor. . .
August 22, 2009

. . . and the veggies, to be exact!   Since moving to our house, we’ve loved the concept of having a yard!       7 mo with mommy

 Keith Loves the Fresh Veggies from our Garden!

green beans

 The Garden Occupies about a Quarter of our Yard

garden grownWe picked over 4 quarts of tomatoes all at once – and there were still more than that left on the vine!tomatoesOur Eggplant -or I should say, one of our eggplant – we have 6 bushes and dozens of eggplantseggplantThese were one batch of peppers we pickedveggies

And amist all of our veggies, this random Sunflower popped up!  Keith really liked it!sunflwr



The Fair
August 22, 2009

This year we were really excited about the Orange County Fair – especially since we live only 1 block away.  Harold and I bought Super Passes which entitled us to unlimited access and fun!  We went several dozen times over the 3 week fair, ate numerous cinammon rolls, enjoyed countless shows by the hypnotist and a really cool show by the “Unusualist” from Australia- check out his amazing hand puppet shadow on YouTube! 

We all went on the skyride across the entire fair – and despite mommy being incredibly terrified and frozen with fear the whole time, daddy and Keith seemed to really enjoy it!  We won’t be doing that ride again until they install some seatbelts!


The Skyride @ 7 months

7 months

7 months

(That’s his new “scrunched up” face that he learned from copying mommy – oops!)

New Baby Chicks
August 14, 2009

We finally got our chickens!  Though they have no name as of now, they are adjusting quite nicely to life in a box, in our kitchen.


 Keith Really liked the chicks!DSC00028DSC00038

 And we even caught daddy sneaking a peek at the new chicks!