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So I was thinking . . .
July 31, 2009

We should get a chicken.  Yeah, crazy, huh?  So I talked with Harold and I shared with him my “crazy” idea of getting a chicken.  I was sure he’d think I had lost my marbles and immediately squelch any notion or dream I had of ever owning my very own chicken.  So I launch into how we could let it be free range and have free eggs and wouldn’t have to worry about all the corn fed diet side-effects from the commercial chickens’ eggs or the steriod antibiotics they inject in chickens and I kept waiting for him to interject, thinking surely he’d find a problem with my wonderful idea . . .  But, when my initial presentation was not met with glaring skepticism, I thought, “hey, maybe I’m onto something here.”  He liked my idea!!  He just said he wouldn’t build me a chicken coop and he warned me that the chicken might fly away.

So, I did a little bit of research and found that chickens will eat grass and bugs – and we have plenty of bugs!  We could handle that.  Then I found that our city allows up to two chickens. . . okay, I thought, sounds good!  And I found a lot of suggestions for a Banty hen.  So, anyone know where to buy a chicken?  Any other suggestions for raising chickens?

In the meantime, Keith and I went to the beach today for the first time and he ate A LOT of sand!  We have sand everywhere but we had a blast!  We’ve also been enjoying the fair just a short walk away and have frequented it several times a week.  Maybe they have a chicken they can sell us?

Next I’m thinking of getting our own cow so we can raise our own milk . . .


Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer
July 19, 2009


6 months

DSC00082 (2)

"There goes that squirrel again!" (7 mo)

6 months @ Tewinkle Park

6 months @ Tewinkle Park

Things Keith has Eaten
July 9, 2009

Having enjoyed his new found skill of crawling for a mere two days, there are a number new tastes and delicacies Keith has found to  experience!   So far, in the mere seconds we’ve had our back turned, Keith has found and eaten : 

*Hannah’s ball

*The tile

*The leg of the chair

*Daddy’s shoe

*The leg of the piano

*The broom (complete with hair and dust attached) – that was a special treat!

*The baby gate

*The computer cord

*Hannah’s chew bone (hey, if Hannah gets to do it . . . )

*The rocking chair

I’ve now learned that silence is the cue that he’s found something which he is most likely not allowed to have.  Who ever thought to coincide the stages of crawling and teething?  And what’s the deal with the electrical outlets?  It’s as if they emit a baby sonar saying “come to me . . . stick your finger in . . . come closer. . . ” 

 God must really enjoy laughing!