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more harvest pic. . .
June 23, 2009

Harvest 2 

The vines are pregnant with fruit!

The vines are pregnant with fruit!


First Harvest
June 23, 2009

 We just picked our First Veggies of the Season!  Right now, all of our plants are just hanging with fruit and veggies and we are anxiously checking on them every day in anticipation!  Today there was a summer squash and two bell peppers which we determined were ready to be picked.  Keith had a blast at his first harvest.
Wow!  We grew these?  Good Job, God!

Wow! These are Beautiful! Good Job, God!

So yummy I can't wait!

So yummy I can't wait!Hey Mommy, remember that story of the very hungry caterpillar . . . ?

The very hungry caterpillar found its way into our garden . . .  that's the problem with Growing Organic

The very hungry caterpillar found its way into our garden . . . that's the problem with Growing Organic

First Balloon
June 23, 2009

Today Keith got his first balloon!

Now, one must understand that a ballon is an exceptionally big deal – especially if you’re only 6 months old.  And since we had just been visiting his friend Zappa this morning, who had received a blue balloon from Trader Joe’s, Keith decided that he would like his own balloon, just like Zappa. 

Not giving it much more thought, we then went to the grocery store and as we were checking out, the cashier noticed Keith staring at all the mylar balloons at the checkstand.  She then proceeded to give Keith a big yellow balloon – his very own balloon!   He giggled and stared at it all the way home in the car.  At home he has been enjoying pulling on the string and chewing on it.  He was very excited at this major milestone in his life!

Look at My Big Yellow Balloon!

Look at My Big Yellow Balloon!

This is so much fun!

This is so much fun!

How does it do that?

How does it do that?

Watch Me Grow!
June 14, 2009

I’m 6 Months Old!

6 months old
6 months old

How NOT to make Amish Friendship Bread
June 8, 2009

How NOT to make Amish Friendship Bread (based on personal experience)

1. Do NOT go to the store right before the start of the Laker playoff game – people are crazy and there are waaaay too many of them.

2. Do NOT spill 2 lbs of sugar all over yourself and the floor – husbands will likely spend more time laughing then helping (mine did at least)

3. Do NOT only use 2 loaf pans when you’re suppose to use 4 – When the recipe says to double the recipe, they also mean double the number of loaf pans.  Oops. 

4. Do NOT fill the loaf pan to the very tip top of the pan – never a good idea.

5. Do NOT tell your husband when a mysterious smokey burning smell starts eminating from the oven – he will somehow think it’s your fault or that you did something wrong.

6. Do NOT be surprised when the loaf pans overflow and cover the entire bottom of your oven with Amish Friendship Bread.  Yum.

and finally, 7. Do NOT ask your husband for help cleaning up the oven – he will just resume his laughing. 

Happy Baking!



6 months old
June 4, 2009

Baby Feet. 5 mo b&w

Watch Me Grow!  6 months

Watch Me Grow! 6 months

6 months old and growing bigger everyday!   6 months has been an exciting month with lots of change.  Keith has learned how to sit up on his own and now reaches for everything with his little chubby arms.  The other day in the garden, he reached out and picked a basil leaf and then proceeded to suck on it – completely unnoticed my mommy.  He’s also starting to reach his hands out to mommy and daddy and now says “da-da-da-da.”  Life is always full of adventures!