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Special Election 2009!
May 20, 2009

Today was the special election in California to vote on measures to supposedly “fix” our state budget, but actually would just result in higher taxes and increased spending.   Keith was very excited at his first opportunity to participate in American democracy.   He was even more excited when we got to the polling place, which happened to be at a Senior Living Home, and saw all the little old women in the lobby watching everyone coming to vote.  They ooohhhed and awwwed over him to his little hearts content!  He was definately the hit of their day.

I voted! Did You?


“What? They want to raise our taxes how much?”
“Those silly politicians. I guess we showed them!”

Mother’s Day
May 15, 2009

Why do they call it Mother’s Day  when it should be Mother’s Weekend or Mother’s Week?

I had a fabulous First Mother’s Day which began with a delicious breakfast in bed, lovingly made by Harold, which included French Toast cooked to perfection, fresh strawberries on top and strawberry milk!   We then went to church for a special mommy tea and breakfast.  After church, Harold surprised me and instead of going home, took me to Armstrong’s Nursery and bought me a truckload of new veggies! (this was after I just came home on Friday with 18 new bell pepper plants and 6 eggplants).  Then, my wonderful husband and sweet baby spent ALL afternoon and evening helping dig up our garden (since the additional vegtables couldn’t fit in my current garden area) and planting plants and seeds.  

This now brings my garden to a total of: 15 tomato plants, 21 bell peppers, 4 jalapeno peppers, 1 wax pepper, lots of string beans, 6 eggplants, 1 watermelon vine, 1 summer squash vine, 4 acorn squash vines, 2 banana squash vines, 1 blackberry bush, and 1 basil plant.  Hopefully we’ll have an abundant harvest this year! 

After gardening, Harold took me out to dinner at Red Robin where we feasted on the bottomless fries and spent several hours in conversation.  Harold even got me a Mother’s Day sundae (ok, so he told them it was my birthday and they came and sang – the baby was fascinated by all the activity!)  I can’t wait till next year!!Mothers Day1Mother's Day 2Mother's Day 3


Our Small, but "Growing" Garden

Adventures at Sea
May 5, 2009

It’s Summer Time!!  Well, almost .  .  . at least for the past few weeks it’s felt like summer time.  To escape the heat, my mommy group got together for a fabulous swim with the babies. 


Being as that it was Keith’s first time swimming, he was a little cautious at first of the “oversized bathtub,” but soon accepted the cool water as a preference to the sticky heat.  He really enjoyed the reminiscence  of his water birth.  As we were all chatting in the water holding the babies, one of the mommies noticed that Keith was awfully quiet.  He had fallen asleep!!  I guess swimming wasn’t that exciting to him!  Maybe he’ll like the farm better . . .


Sound Asleep!

A Special Day
May 1, 2009

Sunday was a special day – it was Keith’s dedication!  A lot of people have asked, “What’s a dedication?” and “Why do you do dedications?”  and Harold and I had to ponder the significance of a baby dedication and why we should do it for Keith.  A baby dedication is a public way of saying 3 things: First, that we recognized Keith as a gift from God, uniquely designed and created by God, and because of His gift, we therefore commit to God that we will raise Keith with Godly principals and Biblical foundations.  Second, we commit to Keith that we will raise him in a Christian home and to teach him the ways of God (Deuteronomy 6:1-9).  Finally, friends and family commit to us and to Keith to support us and pray for us in raising our family.   

Sunday was a fabulous celebration!  Our pastor, Jerrod (church ALIVE, HB) led the dedication and prayed over us.  Then Pastor Jerrod’s wife, Jen, and the worship team sang, “I pray that you will Follow Him your Whole Life Long” by Twila Paris while a slide show of Keith played.  There were few dry eyes in the church!   Keith received his very first Baby Bible with a fuzzy yellow ducky on it! 

The most touching part of the whole day for me was right after the dedication, Marcela, our little 6th grader, came up to me.  (Marcela was a student in my 2nd grade class and we have taken Marcela to church with us for almost 5 years now.  She has grown tremendously in the Lord and last Tues told us that we were going to have an extra jewel in our crown in heaven for leading her to salvation!)  So, she came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, “That was so sweet! Those pictures, that song, it made me want to cry!  I’m so happy for Keith!”

After church, we had our family and a few friends over (as Harold put it, friends who should be family) for a pasta bar lunch.  Barely had enough food for everyone, but had a great time of fun and fellowship!  Unfortunately, the party ended much to quickly when Keith went down for a nap – I guess we’re just not as much fun!   Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special!  It was a monumental day for us!!



Auntie Carol
Cousin Kailyn
Cousin Kailyn