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Tummy Time – 11 weeks old!
February 18, 2009

His head’s still a bit wobbly, but he’s working on it!



Valentine’s Banquet
February 18, 2009

We enjoyed a beautiful Valentines Banquet hosted by our church.  Keith was a hit with a wearing a beautiful red tie to match his daddy.  Unfortunately, the one family picture we got was on someone else’s camera.  We’ll post it up as soon as we get a copy (o: 

This was my European Cruise Dress that Harold ordered for me.  Unfortuately, it arrived a couple months after we found out we were pregnant and by then it didn’t fit anymore.  This was it’s grand debut – not quite the European landscape it was anticipating, but a great evening none the less.valentines-dress


Caution: Baby at Work
February 18, 2009

Watch Out!  Baby’s Taking Over the Office!




 With a few more lessons from daddy, he’ll be all ready to set out on his own!

Watch me Grow! 10 wks
February 13, 2009

Look How Big!  I’ve got this growing thing down!


My First Ride in the Stroller!


I’m So Good at Tummy Time!


Mommy & Me Going to Church!


Beach Baby
February 13, 2009

While the rest of the country is snowed in and covered under a blanket of ice, we decided to head to the beach.  We had a nice picnic lunch and Keith loved the seagulls!  So many sights and sounds to behold and we all enjoyed the 75 degree weather and sunshine.  It’s nice to remember why we live in California!


Ruby’s diner on the pier





Good News, Bad News
February 8, 2009

The good news is paint comes off of Harold’s new floors really easily!

The bad news is paint does not come off of dog very easily!

Watch me Grow! – 7 wks
February 7, 2009