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It’s Vegas, Baby!
January 27, 2009

We just got back from a fabulous trip to Las Vegas to see our friend tie the knot! (Congratulations Peter & Saralyn!)

Keith had a blast meeting new kid friends, staring at all the lights along the Vegas strip and winning his first jackpot!  Well, not quite.   He did very well in the 5 and a half hour car ride amidst stop and go traffic.  

Here’s our family in front of the wedding chapel:



And here we are at the reception:


When we got home, Keith was one tired little guy:



Baby Doctor
January 14, 2009

So, we took Keith to the doctor for the first time on Friday.

At 6 weeks he weighed in at 12 lbs, 1 oz and measured 23 inches long.

He is in perfect health.

In our conversation with the Dr., it was inquired as to where he was born.  We proudly announced that we had him at home with the assistance of a licensed midwife, to which the dr. responded:  “oh, so you don’t know how much he weighed or how long he was or anything?”  To which we responded: “Shucks, we just went out behin’ dat ole barn, squatted down and out dat sucker come!  The ole midwife, she held him in ‘er hand and said ‘He’s about the size of three grapefruits’. ”  

Stupid doctors.

How Many Ant Have You Eaten Today?
January 10, 2009

Have you had your daily quota of ants today? 

There’s nothing like sitting down to a beautiful breakfast of eggs, toast and orange juice and as you’re about to sink your fork into that perfectly fried egg, you notice that an ant has been fossilized into the white of your egg!  Yes, there it is – that lil’ sucker has been cooked right into your egg!!  Imagine the death as this young little ant (I’m making the assumption that it was young since I don’t forsee an older, more mature ant choosing such a location to play) was hanging out unexpectedly in the skillet, minding it’s own business when suddenly it was attacked by a vicious egg, sloppy down onto of it’s poor little defensless body.   (which is why, I’m sure, our mothers told us to not play inside of skillets).   And if that didn’t bring on immediate death, imagine being slowly cooked and becoming part of the next meal.   Yes, poor little ant . . .

And to think that I was the lucky one that got that ant on MY plate.  And that the egg happened to be the ant-side up, as the ant corpse was not apparent from the other side.  Harold consoled me by telling me that I probably consumed three or four ants more that I didn’t see.  Great.  I’m sure he ate just as many.

I wouldn’t really say that we have an ant problem – no, it’s really more like an invasion.  And here’s the proof:


6 weeks Old!
January 10, 2009

Watch Me Grow – I’m 1 Month Old!
January 6, 2009






How to Disguise a Yucca Plant as a Christmas Tree
January 6, 2009

How does one disguise a 6 foot yucca plant as a Christmas Tree?

If you think this sounds like a strange proposition then you must not have a Yucca plant in your yard. 

You see, we have a Yucca plant in our yard, or should I say “had” a Yucca plant in our yard that is, until I decided to chop it down.  I feel that Harold’s phrase accurately sums up my opinion of Yucca plants:  “Yuck, a plant!”

As my new Christmas clippers were making their final glorious cut through the trunk of that beast of a plant (well, actually they are Harold’s new Christmas clippers, but I make much better use of them than he ever dreamed) it suddenly dawned on me that this rather large, tree type carcass would now need a receptacle in which to be discarded.   I then realized that our extra large industrial looking trash cans were both full and over flowing from Harold’s adventure last week mowing our jungle (aka our backyard).   As if that wasn’t enough of a quandry, Harold was due home within the hour and would not be too please to find out first of all that I cut down the Yucca plant (even though he himself proclaimed his distaste and hatred of the plant) and second of all that I had no where to now place this Yucca!   Oh what a dilemma! 

As our Yucca was lying, dead on the grass taking up a surprising large portion of our front yard, I looked across the street and my eyes did behold the solution to my problem:  Our neighbor’s Christmas tree!  Now, a Christmas tree is not usually the answer to the general dilemmas that I oft find myself in, but you see, this Christmas tree has outlived its usefulness and had been thrust aside to the curb.  It was then I remembered that tomorrow was our city’s “leave your Christmas tree on the curb and we will come and pick it up for you” day.  Tomorrow!!  What luck! 

So, now the question remains, how can I disguise my Yucca as a Christmas Tree?yucca