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Christmas Time
December 16, 2008

We finally got our Christmas Tree – a 7 1/2 foot flocked tree!  It’s Harold’s first ever flocked tree!christmas-treeHere we are picking out our tree – Keith was very excited, as I’m sure you can tell.


We were very helpful in putting up the tree – we offered a lot of encouragement to daddy!




For Christmas, Keith got his very own Rubber Duckie Factory for our Department 56 Christmas Village!



Funny Faces
December 16, 2008

Watch Me Grow!
December 16, 2008

Here I am with my bunny blanket. 


Here I am showing off my new pjs – aren’t they the cutest!  I love my bed!


The BIG Decision finally made!
December 16, 2008

Keith just turned two, two weeks that is.  And for the past two weeks, he has gone without what most babies and mommies would consider a necessity – a diaper bag!   After much discussion and several trips to several different stores, including multiple trips to Baby’s R Us, we finally decided on a diaper bag!  Who knew that this small but important purchase could be such a difficult one?! 

I truly think that Harold underestimates the importance of finding just the right diaper bag and that he fails to see the benefit of identifying all the pros and cons of each and every bag before making our ultimate and final decision.  You see, a diaper bag is not just a bag which contains diapers, rather it is an extension of you and your baby.  It is a fasion statement.  It communicates to the world.  It is an article which I will have attached to me for the next two years or more.  It is a big commitment!

This purchase has made me stop and ask the most defining questions of myself such as:  Am I a brown sort of bag person or a black bag person?  Since I have never been one to ever carry a purse, that decision must be made.  Do I consider a zipper an adequate closure mechanism or does our bag need a flap that covers the opening?  Is it gender neutral enough that Harold is comfortable carrying it around?  Do we prefer the backpack style, the purse style or the over the shoulder style?  Does it have two holders for water bottles on the outside?  Is there plastic on the bottom so if its raining and I set it down outside while I’m fumbling for my keys it won’t absorb all the rain?  Does it have a seperate pocket for my wallet, lipstick and cell phone so they are not forces to mingle with spit up rags and diaper rash cream?  And most importantly for me, can I open it with one hand while balancing a lap full of spit up and continuing to nurse?  For some reason, Harold just did not see the validity of all of these necessities. 

After over an hour of pulling every bag off the shelf and testing it out, we finally found the most perfect bag that met all of my requirements, however it was a discontinued style and the carrying strap was missing.  Oh, and also the clearance price of $68 wasn’t that appealing but Harold, who hadn’t eaten dinner yet, was willing to do whatever it took to find the perfect diaper bag for us.  (b-t-w:  Don’t ever take a husband who hasn’t eaten shopping . . .ever.)   The sale associate at Baby’s R Us finally came to our rescue and retrieved a brown suede bag from the back.  Now, why they didn’t have this bag out on display we will never know.  (Someone should inform them that bags cannot sell hidden away in the deep dark crevices of the storage room.)  It had everything for which I was looking – it was as if it was made for me!  It is soft suede but with a plastic bottom liner, it has an adjustable, padded shoulder strap, two water bottle holders on the outside, a magnetic flip over closure perfect for one handed manuevers, seperate pockets for everything I could want and completely plastic lined inside so even the worst spills won’t cause damage.  Oh, and Harold liked the color.



Grandma’s Visit
December 8, 2008


Santa Claus is Coming to Town
December 8, 2008

Sunday was our office’s upteenth annual Santa Day where everyone can come and get pictures with Santa!

Usually we are part of the team putting everything together and baking 10 dozen cookies (literally), but this year we had an excellent excuse to skip out.   Santa was our good friend Jay Kelly. 

Keith had his Christmas list all ready for Santa!





Baby’s First Cooking Lesson
December 8, 2008

Saturday was Baby’s First Cooking Lesson. 
He was quite the champ and listened intently to all the directions and paid vivid attention to each and every step.

I must say he is turning out to be quite the cook!  And then he pooped. 


Baby Keith
December 7, 2008

3 days old
3 days old






The Stork Came to our House!!

Baby’s First Outing
December 5, 2008

Monday was Baby Keith’s First Outing at 2 days old. 

Here is his going out outfit: z-baby-keith-going-out

We went to the little maternity boutique down in Newport Beach to buy a nursing bra.  He was an angel the whole time and never cried or whimpered.   Here he is in his car seat and then in the car all ready to go:



Our Water Baby
December 5, 2008

Baby Keith’s First Bath, or technically his second if you consider his entry into this world. 

He’s our little Water Baby!z-first-bath-cropped